The Loveboat : your Lagoon Honeymoon Photo-tour

The Loveboat, not only a lagoon tour, far more than a classic photo-shooting !

Celebrate your honeymoon in Bora Bora with the Loveboat, the unforgettable lagoon photo-tour.

The course is specially adapted for a prestigious photo-shooting like no other in the world, with the best landscapes of Bora Bora for background.
Your pictures together, aboard a high comfort boat with the best views, snorkeling surrounded by tropical fish, and standing in turquoise water, even drinking champagne in coconuts!

Do not miss to offer such a romantic experience to your honeymoon.

Pictures, Romance and Discovery

This photo-tours over the water, are unique in the world, they have been specially created for Bora Bora.
The thema is photography for couples, and you will appreciate the very romantic atmosphear of this tour. But it is the most fascinating discovery tour of Bora Bora too, presenting all the best lagoon views, and the wonder of coral action to create such an amazing lagoon. By this way, if in your couple, on prefers pictures, and the other prefers discovery, besure that you both will be very happy of this tours !
That’s why The Loveboat Bora Bora, is not only a lagoon tour, and far much more than a classic photo-shooting.

Bora Bora Photo Lagon - Loveboat (42)

Going to Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful trips ever. But it is the choice of your activities that will make it romantic, unforgetable … or not.
According to all our guests, The Loveboat tour is the most romantic time, the highlight of the honeymoon.
The Loveboat is the single tour in Bora Bora, dedicated to the honeymoon. If you don’t expect anything about Bora Bora, Pearl of the Pacific, we can’t do much for you… But if you are intending to get the greatest honeymoon in the world, maybe with a bungalow overwater in Bora Bora, this romantic photo tours with discovery are taylormade for you.
The Loveboat honeymoon pictures tour, because you are honeymooners in Bora Bora!




Numerous selected HD pictures, immediately on pendrive

Photography goes along with all the best moments of life.

Pictures are selected, HD, size 24Mpx, .jpg, they are burned immédiately on pendrive and given in a Deluxe box.
You will get a huge number of pictures, the quantity prenseted in tours description is often overpassed. With all the best views of Bora Bora, it is impossible for us to produce only a few tens of pictures. Our exclusive process with selected pictures, offers the possibility to use a computer onboard and burn a wide photo-shooting, and you get it immediately. For your comfort, we keep a copy of your photo-shooting for years.

If you are wanting a precise picture, if you’d like to change clothes, don’t hesitate to let us know, everything is possible.

Editing or selecting pictures ?

In our standard photo tours, pictures are selected, not edited. So we can deliver hundreds of pictures immediately.
Photo editing is available, with our special package “Deluxe Edition”. With 100 pix maximum, sent online within 2 weeks. The Bora Bora internet connexion don’t allow to send hundreds of HD pictures.

We are located in Bora Bora, where lagoon beauty is outstanding and light is pure. We are positionning the boat to get the best conditions for photography, and we know how to use our camera. So editing is not a real necessity here, and sometimes, it can even change the natural color of the lagoon. Our job is to play with the natural sunlight of Bora Bora, it is one of the best jobs in the world, and we know how to do it.
In this website, there isn’t any picture which has been edited.



Private and shared tour, in day or sunset light
Find below the honeymoon tour specially made for you.


The Loveboat tour is offering a wide choice of adapted services, from the most simple to the most complete.

All the lagoon private photo-shootings can be completed with extra 1/2h beach photoshoot 100 HD pix. Or you can skip snorkeling and choose beach photoshoot instead, without extra charge. With The Loveboat tours, you will get the best quality and service, at a very competitive price.


Loveboat 1h30 : “Lagoon Photoshooting” :
Photos on boat + Turquoise bath + Cocochampagne
Bandeau 1h30 Bora Bora Honeymoon
150 élégant photos HD, on the lagoon, and standing in shallow pristine water, drinking champagne in coconut ! A maximum of pictures in short time, no need to swim for this tour.

Only available online by email.

Loveboat 2h30 : “Lagoon Lovers” :
Snorkeling + Discovery + Photos onboard + Turquoise bath + Coco-champagne

2h30 “Lagoon lovers” : 250 HD honeymoon pictures minimum on USB in deluxe box immediately. Photos onboard, snorkeling, standing in turquoise water, coco-champagne included.

Use the best lagoon of the world as your background, enjoy  the lagoon colours, waves crashing on the reef, mountain views, islets beauty… This tour is going is our best sale, going direct to the best lagoon sceneries, no circle island tour.
Departure at 9.30 am and 1.30 pm, direct from hotel dock.


4h : “Bora Bora Dream”
Circle island tour, Snorkeling + Discovery + Photos onboard + Turquoise bath + Coco-champagne

Bandeau 4h00 Bora Bora Dream

Circle island tour. 350 HD honeymoon pictures minimum on USB deluxe box immediately. Photos onboard, snorkeling, standing in turquoise water, coco-champagne included.

Use the best lagoon of the world as your background, enjoy  the lagoon colours, waves crashing on the reef, mountain views, islets beauty… This tour is our circle island tour, it will show you all about Bora Bora.

Departure at 8.30 am and 1.30 pm, from hotel dock


Private Sunset 1h30, 100 HD pix : “Sunset Lovers”
Picture on boat + Champagne served in cup+ Discovery guidance  (On request : bath in shallow water, dinner transfer )
Bandeau Sunset 1h30 Bora Bora Honeymoon100 HD honeymoon pictures on USB pendrive immediately.
Private tour, coco-champagne included, romance, and discovery of the lagoon wonders. Postcard sunset !
Most popular sunset tour in Bora Bora

Celebrate your honeymoon with a photo-shooting like no tother, in sunset light, with the best lagoon in the world as a background.
This lagoon sunset tour is dedicated to your honeymoon, and specially adapted for pictures together. On request, pictures in shallow water at sunset time. Your photographer guide will share with you all the lagoon wonder, with a discovery guidance. A champagne bottle is included and served in cup.
The Loveboat Sunset tours : romantic and unforgettable, for all the lovers of Bora Bora.

Including : at least 100 HD selected pictures, immediately on USB pendrive in a deluxe box.
Departure from 4.30 to 5.15 pm, at hotel dock
For 2 pax, and families.
On request : drop on the main land, as a private dinner transfer, without extra charge.

Available in all the best travel agencies, Bora Bora hotels, and on online by mail.



Sunset Loveboat Bora Bora___________________________________

Choix de bateaux et prestations

All this private tour are available with 3 level of service, to fit for every budget :  CLASSIC, DELUXE, and DELUXE Edition :

 –CLASSIC with boat Bayliner B217 Deckboat, 21′, 150hp engine, 2/8passengers

DELUXE with boat FourWinns HD270OB, 27′, 250hp, 2/11 passengers



CLASSIC with Bayliner B217 Deckboat 21′, 150HP


DELUXE with FourWinns HD270OB, 27′, 250cv




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