Dedicated to Bora Bora

Bora Bora Photo Lagon was created in 2005 by Damien Dunand. A romantic frenchy who feels nowhere better than in water. He early discovered snorkeling, and free diving, growing in French Riviera. One of his dream was to discover Bora Bora, the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

With its new boat, and using the experience and potential of the photosafari, Damien developped a new concept : The honeymoon Photo Tour. Honeymooners in Bora Bora were missing good pictures together, to share with families and remember this exceptional trip, or in continuity of the wedding pictures. But they didn’t want to do a painful hotel photoshooting costumed under the tropical sun.

The Loveboat tour was born, a honeymoon photo tour over the lagoon, aboard the boat with the best lagoon views of Bora Bora, underwater snorkeling with tropical fish, and standing in turquoise water drinking champagne.

Using this discovery guidance, and passion for snorkeling, Damien has been creating in 2006 the first snorkeling tour without sharks and rays feeding (the big local classic in Polynesia). Bora Bora doesn’t need it to impress guests, and some people prefer safe ecotours. This tour is now called “Nemo Snorkeling”.

Since Damien created his company, each of his project in Bora Bora were done under 3 conditions : creativity, satisfaction for guests, and ethic.
Creativity, because he didn’t want to take the place of someone else, but find his own place on the lagoon of Bora Bora.
Satisfaction for guests, because the expectations about Bora Bora are at the level of the fame. But it is possible to stay in Bora Bora, go for tours, but miss the expected honeymoon because this tours are only made for water holidays. It doesn’t happen with Bora Bora Photo Lagon.
Ethic, because being a french in Polynesia is a responsibility. Here the whites came and explained to natives what was morality. It is not sure they were needing it, but now, they can’t understand when new arrivers behave has pirates.
It might seem not so important, but is all a matter of soul, the soul of Bora Bora, the soul of our everyday work in Bora Bora, the soul of your honeymoon in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Photo Lagoon is a signature in Bora Bora, the warranty to realize your dream of romance and discovery over the lagoon of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Photo Lagoon – The L♡veb♡at, because you will be h♡neym♡♡ners in B♡ra B♡ra !!!