Snorkeling Is Cool

Snorkeling Is Cool : Beautiful snorkeling in safety, for families and beginners.

Maybe, didn’t you have the chance to grow by the see like Bora Bora kids. Many of our visitors didn’t snorkel that much before, or had difficulties with snorkeling gears, can be afraid by water… All little things which turn a beautyfull snorkeling to a stressfull experience, unabling to completely enjoy the moment. This service is offering a progressive snorkeling plan, with pedagogy, a new style of mask.

Your safe first snorkeling tour, before bigger lagoon adventures. This service is perfectly adapted for families who want to enjoy the lagoon together.


Take it easy, and use our new generation of snorkeling helmets ! They are made to offer a solution to all the beginners’ worries like no more water inside mask and snorkel, no more snorkel in mouth, a wider visibility without fog, breathing by the nose… ! Try it, you never saw the water like this before.


Snorkeling Is Cool is your 3h semi-private tour, 2 to 10 p. A first stop in shallow water to learn how to set and use snorkeling gears, how to swim with fins… check if guests need a floater. Feeling safer, we will go in average depth for a magic stop surounded by hundreds of tropical fish at coral garden. The last stop, is in deep water for meeting the giant manta rays, or eagle rays according to the day conditions.

these polynesian Photo Safari are our exclusiveness. It cannot be better way to discover Bora Bora. This is why the hotels recommend Bora Bora Photo Lagon at the beginning of your stay. Thus the informations which will be transmitted to you will permit you to totally appreciate the lagoon at its right value throughout your stay. And if your stop in Bora Bora is very short, for your stay to be complete, our customers recommend to privilege the romantic excursion here and to program any other traditional tour in another island, they are available everywhere, and are sometimes what is best to do overthere. But in Bora Bora, in the most beautiful of all the lagoons… let us dedicate our time to splendours which exist only in Bora Bora. It is unique in Polynesia, It is taylor made for Bora Bora It is Bora Bora Photo Lagoon When on your return, you will show your photographs and say “We went to Bora Bora”, it will be the eyes filled up of marvellous colors and of the happyness to have touched the spirit of Bora Bora.